Ready to grow in your faith while serving others?

If you are interested in being discipled in leadership while serving, connecting with other believers in other countries and having opportunities to apply what you are learning – then this trip is for you.

This trip is open to those 18+ and an application process is required. 

This trip is open to believers from multiple churches, backgrounds, and demographics. Team members may live outside of the Nashville area.

COST: $1000 + airfare (estimated $1500)


** LONG-TERM MISSION INTERNSHIP OPPORTUNITY IN ALBANIA – We do have an opening for someone to serve in Albania with our church ministry partner there. The internship would be with A Called Generation in partnership with Victory Christian Church in Tirana Albania. The position would be serving that local church as well as a village church plant.



  • Submit Interest Application
  • Receive email from us letting you know that you are approved for Step 2 of the application process. If for some reason we not able to approve your participation in this particular mission project, we will give you an explanation as to why. Rest assured, we are not looking for perfect people to serve on this mission project, just people who are humble and teachable to be daily perfected to love more like Jesus every day.


  • Receive Online Module 1 Training (1 hour to complete). 
  • Receive Application Part 2 to complete. 
  • Receive email from us to schedule a phone or FaceTime call.


  • Complete training modules and work through your fundraising plan.
  • Stay in contact with your assigned mission’s coach.



  • Exposure Mission Projects: These trips are great for churches who want their teens, young adults or families to have opportunity hit the mission field together to not only be a blessing top people of our destination, but as part of their own discipleship process of understanding what the fulfilling the Great Commission looks like when we stop viewing through our own culture lens and begin to filter through God’s heart and Kingdom lens. These type of trips are open to anyone that is curious about serving on the mission field, learning to step out in faith, learn to hear God’s voice and his heart for people while serving in a practical ways. This is a first step for most people to become involved in missions.

  • Specialized Mission Projects: These trips are for specialized teams who are going in with a specialized purpose. Examples of a Tier 2 style trips are- medical, training, skill training, water system, practical wellness, conference and training, etc.

  • Core Missions Team Projects: These mission opportunities are for our team to minister, train and serve in areas of leadership training, preaching, evangelism, worship, and building community and connections within our CALLED MISSION NETWORK.

We are thankful to be in friendship, partnership and kingdom ministry with Pastors Tomar and Miranda Ajeti. They serve as the pastors of Victory Christian Church in Tirana, Albania.

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Why Go With A Called Generation?

ACG serves the Church by equipping and sending believers to the nations. Our 8 years of experience in short-term trips makes missions possible for many churches and individuals. Most do not have the training, experience, connections, or time to organize and execute trips of this magnitude. This is where A Called Generation steps in. Our trips are all-inclusive, which means that we focus on the details so that you can focus on ministry with your team. Our team will work with in-country missionaries to take care of food, lodging, and ministry experiences for your short-term mission trip. A Called Generation also provides international traveler’s insurance, trip devotionals, training videos and other resources as part of your basic trip cost.

A Called Generation serves missionaries by equipping and sending the Church. According to our missionary partners it takes an average of 19 phone calls to prepare a person to serve with them. Equipping trip participants for the mission field requires time and resources that most missionaries do not have. ACG is ready to answer your calls, emails, tweets, Facebook messages, at your convenience and in your time zone. We will also provide training materials for your trip. A Called Generation is not only a great resource for the Church, but a great resource for missionaries as well.

Who Can Go?

A Called Generation hosts many youth mission trips, college mission trips, and even works with individuals to get them on a trip as part of a team. If registering and traveling with their church group, students must be 14 years old or older* to participate in a first time missions experience. If registering as an individual participant without an adult, students must be 16 years old or older*. Of course, adults are welcome on these trips as well! A Called Generation asks for at least a 1 to 5 adult to student ratio, and some groups even get closer to 1 to 1 ratio. Teams may be made up of groups and/or individuals.

*It is possible for participants to be younger than 14 years of age if traveling with a group, but that is taken on a case by case basis depending on the trip location and the discretion of our mission partners. For domestic trips such as Houston and Memphis, middle school students are welcome to participate.

Can College Students Go?

Yes! A Called Generation trips are designed for all students from the age of 14 with a group, or 16 as an individual, all the way through college age. We have also specifically designated College Weeks in which only college-aged students will participate. Additionally, Servant Life has launched the A1eight Project, an opportunity for college-aged individuals to serve with a missionary for the entire summer.

Trip Cost

A Called Generation trips are priced at a BASE COST PLUS AIRFARE. The base cost varies per country and can be found by clicking on the link for a trip in the Trips/Register tab.

The base cost covers all of your in-country expenses, including meals, lodging, and transportation.* The base cost also covers training resources, traveler’s insurance for international trips, and a t-shirt for every participant. Some of our camp ministries include scholarship funds in the base cost so you are helping students come to camp in these international contexts. As part of your base cost, A Called Generation also offers to book airfare for you through our travel agent. Contact us if you would like an airfare estimate, and be sure to check out our Financial Guidelines to see a payment plan.

Airfare Information

A Called Generation will book all airfare through our travel agency. Everyone on your team must travel together. We book group airline tickets and cannot accommodate special requests for different individual flights. Due to commitments to our missionaries to have groups there on set dates, trip dates may not be flexible. Once a ticket has been purchased in your name, it must be paid for regardless of circumstances. All tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.


A Called Generation works with missionary partners in each country. Your team will be helping our missionary partner with various needs, and exact details may vary from trip to trip. Sample activities include serving at a Christian youth camp, hosting VBS activities in the community or other community events, conducting sports camps or “backyard Bible clubs,” teaching English to internationals, helping with food and clothing distribution, and home visits– with an emphasis on sharing the gospel and the hope of Christ in conjunction with each of these activities. Specific details for each short term mission trip can be found by clicking on the trip’s link.


We encourage anyone interested in an international mission trip with A Called Generation to go ahead and apply for a passport. The amount of time it takes to get a passport varies, and we cannot book plane tickets without a copy of each person’s passport. Any costs associated with obtaining a passport are solely your responsibility. You can download a passport application and read instructions on obtaining a passport online at It is required for your passport to have at least six months of validity past your travel dates.

Will I need a background check?

For groups serving on a ACG trip, the group leader will need to sign an agreement stating that background checks have been performed for all adult leaders 18 years or older. For individuals, A Called Generation will perform a background check for you if you are 18+. The estimated cost of a background check is $10, which will be added to your base cost.


Immunizations and any costs related to them are the sole responsibility of the trip participant. All childhood immunizations must be complete (measles, mumps, rubella, polio, diphtheria, pertussis, and tetanus). We also HIGHLY advise any immunizations recommended by your physician and/or the CDC for the area of travel. Both Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B are strongly recommended for all international travel. It is solely the traveler’s responsibility to obtain information on required/recommended travel immunizations and travel precautions for the area. The CDC website is and has up-to-date info on immunizations for every country.

Once You Register

Shortly after you register, you will receive an email from our team letting you know we have received your registration. The next step would be accessing the ACG Mission Prep Center where you will find needed paperwork to be filled out by each participant. This paperwork along with a deposit of $250 per person, are due by November 1. If you register after November 1, the forms and a deposit of $250 per person are due within 30 days of registering. A registration is not complete until we have received your deposit. Registrations cannot be held beyond 30 days if the deposit has not been received.

How many adults will be needed on a Youth Group Trip?

We request that groups bring at least 1 adult for every 5 student participants. This is to ensure to the team’s safety. Each setting you are working in is an area designated specifically for youth and college teams, but when traveling in a foreign context that you are unfamiliar with, it is always wise to have sufficient adult supervision.


A Called Generation is committed to providing a quality mission experience at the lowest possible price. Our goal is not to entertain, but rather to provide opportunities for you to live the Great Commission. As you review these financial guidelines, be sure to check out our fundraising resources as well.

Included with your base cost of your mission trip: 

  •  Group Meals once destination is reached (extra food that our missionaries want that is outside of our planned meals will not be covered) 
  • Ground Transportation once we arrive in country*
  • Housing (we can not offer special requests such as private room requests, etc. through we can try to accommodate as much as possible)
  • Supplemental Traveler’s Insurance (international trips)
  • T-Shirt
  • Pre-Trip Training Material
  • Exit tax, if applicable


Costs not covered in base cost of the trip include:

  • Airfare
  • Passports & Visa’s if applicable
  • Immunization Shots
  • Packing list gear
  • Snacks
  • Souvenirs
  • Personal expenses while traveling and in-country, including meals in airports
  • Any additional costs associated with the trip before you arrive and after you leave


Summer International Trips: Deposits of $250 per person and a copy of the front page of your passport are due by the listed date. If you register after January, 1st , a deposit of $250  per person is due as well as any payments due on the trip payment schedule.

Summer Domestic Trips: Deposits of $250  per person are due April 1st. If you register after  April, 1st , a deposit of $250  per person is due as well as any payments due on the trip payment schedule.

Spring Break International Trips: Deposits of $250 per person and a copy of the front page of your passport are due November 1. If you register after November 1, a deposit of $250 per person and a copy of the front page of your passport are due within 30 days of registration.

Spring Break Domestic Trips: Deposits of $250 per personare due November 1. If you register after November 1, a deposit of $250  per person is due within 30 days of registration.

Deposits are non-refundable. If you are bringing a group and need to lower your number, a deposit may be transferred to your final balance through January 31. Deposits are non-transferable after flights are booked.



If you are 18 years old or older, you qualify to register as an individual for a trip. Once you register, you will receive an application via email that will need to be filled out and mailed to our offices along with a check for the $50 non-refundable application fee within 30 days of registering online. Once we process the application and fee, you will be notified if you have been accepted to serve on the mission trip of your choice. Please allow 2 weeks for your application to be processed and references to be contacted.

Once you have been accepted to serve on a trip, the $200 non-refundable deposit will be due within 30 days of being notified that you have been accepted to serve.


If flying, ACG will secure all airline transportation through our travel agent to insure teams arrive together. Once your group is in place, let us know as soon as possible so we can secure your tickets at the lowest possible rate.

You are responsible for the payment of any purchased tickets. Tickets must be pre-paid before we purchase them.

All tickets must be secured and paid in full 2 months before departure. 


The first payment, which is half of the base cost, is usually due March 1.

The balance of the trip cost is due in the A Called Generation office no later than 35 days before departure. If your final balance is not received by 35 days out, a $100 late fee may be applied.


The first payment, which is half of the base cost, is due January 1.

The balance of the trip cost is due in the A Called Generation office no later than 35 days before departure. If your final balance is not received by 35 days out, a $100 late fee may be applied.

PLEASE NOTE: All checks and money orders must be made out to A Called Generation.