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I’m Renae, a mobilizer in the body of Christ and a believer that what happens outside of our church group gatherings is just as important as what happens inside of them. I am the founder of A Called Generation, but this ministry is definitely not about me. It’s about something much bigger than any of us. It is a God-sized dream.

So, let me invite you to breathe new life into your dreams. Not to just “play church” but to “be the church” together. I’m here to cheer you on, equip you with what you or your ministry needs, connect you to others and introduce you to our amazing team. Join our #CalledTogether Network to connect with the revival in the hearts of man around the world.

The Harvest is

One of our greatest mission fields is the one right under your feet. Youth and College campuses are all over the US, including in our home hub of Middle Tennessee.

We have a two college town bible studies currently: Murfreesboro and Lebanon, TN.

Our desire is that those who are serving young people in their communities through discipleship, evangelism and mentoring will join our Campus Community network. Our Campus Community Network serves to connect, encourage and share the revival going on in the hearts of young people around the globe.



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Get Anchored In The Word 

Raising Up A Generation of Leaders          & World Changers

Christ not only taught His disciples God’s heart of leadership through compassion and instruction, but He also took them wherever He went to “show” them exactly what that looked like.

The best way we can teach is to follow Christ’s example and take people out and SHOW THEM. 


IT’S TIME TO INVEST IN THE GREAT                                     COMMISSION


ACG equips mission teams with the understanding that a “mission team” will not change a culture or make a lasting impact alone. ACG joins teams with local ministries to help them make a greater impact.

There are many options for teams to choose from as their mission trip focus, such as water systems, orphan, and elderly care, street ministry, construction, painting, children & youth events, training sessions, prayer and worship including church ministry and houses of prayer, evangelism, and worship.

We can tailor a mission trip to meet your church or ministry team’s needs. Just give us a shout, and we will be glad to put something together for you!



Raising Up A Generation of Leaders          & World Changers                                            

He taught God’s heart of leadership through compassion for people along with having a humble servant’s heart. He taught them God’s character and gave instruction, but then also took them with him wherever he went to “show” them.

The best way we can “teach” is to “take” people out and SHOW THEM.





We would love for you to consider joining us on an upcoming mission project or become a prayer or financial sponsor with us.



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