Go. Live,

Our passion is to see Christ-followers equipped to GO into the world, LIVE a gospel life and SHARE the good news that saves.

RADICAL OBEDIENT Christ-Followers.

Our impact is campuses, churches, cities and the nations by sending Christ-followers to LIVE out the Great Commission.

Our ACG worship, missions and ministry teams are a reflection of our mission and vision statements which are based on God’s heart that we find in scripture. Our teams are comprised of Christ-followers from different churches and many times even different areas coming together to worship the only one who is worthy, or to minister, pray and equip other believers together.

Who We Are

A Called Generation is a group of believers from different backgrounds who have a passion for seeing youth and young adults encounter Jesus, to see believers operating in unity and believe that power of prayer and worship is foundational.

Our mission is to GO into the world, LIVE a gospel life and SHARE the good news that saves. We do this by honoring God’s heart for people and living a gospel life wherever He has planted our feet alongside of other believers showing the world that we are Christ-followers by our love for one another (John 13:35) and God’s love for the world by loving our neighbor (Mark 12:31).

Our passion is to train leaders to follow the model of Jesus in disciple-making to TEACH and TAKE those who we disciple.

My heart’s desire is to love God with all that I am, allowing His love to flow through me to touch the lives of others as I go into the world, live a gospel life, and share the good news that saves. – Renae



I’m Renae, a mobilizer in the body of Christ and a believer that it’s just as important what happens outside of our church group gatherings as what happens inside of them. I’m also the founder of A Called Generation, but this ministry is definitely not about me. It’s about something that is bigger than any of us. It is a God sized dream.

So, if you’re here, let me invite you to breathe a new life into your dreams to not just “play church” but to “be the church” together. I’m here to cheer you on, equip you with what you or your ministry needs, connect you to others and introduce you to our amazing team, inviting you to join our #CalledTogether Network to connect with the revival in the hearts of man around the world.

ABOUT MY ROLE: I oversee all of the ministry operations of A Called Generation, training and mobilizing believers to walk out the Great Commission. I have a passion for the kingdom church, seeing people walk in their identity as a Christ-follower with purpose: to receive God’s love well, to love God well and to love others well. Myself, like the other full time missionaries of ACG, are funded by donations of financial partners. I also serve at Seeds Church in Mufreesboro, TN.




Murfreesboro, TN and the Nashville, TN area is our home hub for A Called Generation, and where we have our office to support our ministry partners part of our CALLED Network all over the U.S. and globally.

Find out more about what we do in our Home Hub here.



We train anyone who wants to grow in their understanding the Bible and in the understanding of how the Holy Spirit guides us into all truth while also giving them opportunities to share that truth with others.

We train and encourage leaders and pastors to not grow weary in doing good and support them with resources they may need including discipleship materials, missionaries to serve alongside of them and connecting with them with other leaders through our #CALLEDTOGETHER NETWORK

We train and send missionaries to schools and college campuses in addition to countries around the globe. We will send missionaries to 10 countries between 2018-2020.

All of our team members, including our staff, long term and short-term missionaries, raise their own support from partners like you. Many of our missionaries are also 75% self-supported with God giving them ideas of tele-commuting job opportunities or business ideas for them to operate on the mission field that helps to support them as well as to make a positive difference in the community that God has planted them.  A Called Generation’s budget is funded through personal and ministry partners. We are in the current stage of raising 100 supporters to put feet to our mission. Ready to be part of that? >GIVE NOW



  • Exposure Mission Trip: These trips are great for churches who want their teens, young adults or families to have the opportunity to hit the mission field together. These types of trips are open to anyone that is curious about serving on the mission field, learning to step out in faith, learn to hear God’s voice and his heart for people while serving in a practical way. This is a first step for most people to become involved in missions.

  • Speciality Mission Trip: These trips are for specialized teams who are going in with a specialized purpose. Examples of this type of trip are- medical, skill training, water system installation and education, practical wellness, conferences and training, etc.

  • ACG Staff, Core Team and Intern Mission Trips: These trips are for our team to minister, train and serve in areas of leadership training, preaching, evangelism, worship, and building community and connections within our CALLED MISSION NETWORK.

  • Long Term Missionaries: We want to believers to walk in radical obedience to go where God tells them to go. Over the next 5 years, we are working towards putting trained disciple-makers on the ground around the world to live, share the gospel, and disciple believers.



Our ACG worship, missions and ministry teams are a reflection of our mission and vision statements which are based on God’s heart we find in scripture. Our teams are comprised of Christ-followers from different churches and many times even different areas coming together to fulfill the Great Commission.


Partner & Network team members. These are folks who are part of our CALLED Partner & Network who serve with us when a special event, ministry opportunity, outreach, etc. comes up and we send word out to rally the team.

Leadership in Training Team– The second type of team members we have are those who are being mentored and trained by Renae and some other key leaders. Many of these team members are going through our LIVING CALLED or LEADING CALLED equipping programs to be better equipped themselves to disciple others or be a ministry team lead in our hub of Murfreesboro or on the mission field.

Core Team Members – Our final type of team members is our CORE Team which comprised of any full time missionary’s serving with us, our interns, board members, etc.

“God’s heart was never for us to compete with one another in living out the Great Commission, but to work together as one body to see it done.”


Renae Luketic |  Founder


We want to help you

If you feel those frustrations or you feel like you are stuck, I promise you there is a solution and I am here to help
you find it! Plus, the more friends the better, right?

“The Great Commission is a lifestyle, not a sermon.”


Where did the Vision of A Called Generation Came From?

Through prayer and asking the question "What if?"

A Called Generation’s vision got it’s beginning during a late night prayer time when Renae was praying for her city, young people and youth leaders for revival, for steadfast hearts to stay on the path of living the Great Commission, and for a John 17 heart of unity. God continued to impress on her heart of what could happen if someone told the story of revival happening around the globe in the hearts of young people and leaders instead of believing that the gospel is dying out, and encourage leaders to not feel discouraged thinking they are the only one keeping faith and living out the Great Commission. 

She began to ask the question WHAT IF?

WHAT IF“- what if young people and leaders quit being focused and territorial of their corner of the world and instead stewarded the care of the Great Commission of their corner of the world but went a step further than that.

WHAT IF we didn’t just TEACH about unity in John 17 and the Great Commission, but that we actually would also TAKE our students and leaders out into our cities and into the world activating the gospel with other believers ? WHAT IF the revival happening in hearts around the globe connected?  

WHAT IF we actually made the sacrifices needed to build up others outside of our churches to say “Let’s Be The Church Together”  to let others know that they are A Called Generation by God to be loved by him, to love others through Him, and to share the truth go God’s love with others.

A Called Generation was birthed out of a desire to be the answer to that questions!

We want to ask the question- WHAT IF?

What if we simply were thankful for other believers and how God is using them? What would happen if, instead of focusing on comparing ourselves to others, we united with believers in simply having a pure heart in sharing the Gospel?

THE ANSWER: People would encounter the love of Jesus and lives would be changed!

Jesus did not send his disciples to be “fishers of men” as a reality show competition. He sent them out to set people free, for the lame to walk, for the blind to see and for people to be introduced to a LOVE that leads to eternal life!

Our goal is to walk out making the answer to that question a reality and we know that means we can’t do it alone. We need people like you to walk alongside of us to reach people with God’s heart for them.

What We Believe

Read, listen and grow with us.